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Baby on cross baptism cake
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Blue Teddybears Baptism Cake
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Bible book on a stand baptism baby cake
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Baptism blue ivory pillow cake with baby booties, cross and ruffles
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Baby Girl on Cross Pillow Baptism Cake
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Baby Baptism/ First Communion Cake: Stacked Pillow Cake with Baby on the Cross
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Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle filling and Yellow Lemon Butter Cake with Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle filling. Covered with fondant. All decorations are edible! Bottom pillow 12" square - 35 servings. Top pillow 10" square - 20 servings.
3 babies on a pillow – first communion/christening/baptism cake
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36-38 servings, 12” square Belgian chocolate cake with cake truffle filling. Sugar paste babies, sugar diamonds.
Pink Satin Baptism Cake for a Girl
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Pink butterflies on pink satin quilted cake with white pearls. Silver cross and "God bless" on a white scroll. 30 servings, chocolate cake with truffle filling.
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Baptism / First Communion
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