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Minnie cakes
(3 Pictures)
Sugar paste figurines.
Baby booties on a lacy pillow cake
(2 Pictures)
Princess in a blue dress Cake
(2 Pictures)
25 servings. Modeling chocolate (white chocolate) 100% edible princess doll figurine. The cake is the skirt and the base.
Kids Safari cake
(1 Picture)
Naruto cake
(1 Picture)
Toy Story
(7 Pictures)
Cake, cupcake and cake pops. Cake serves 25.
Thumbelina Cake
(3 Pictures)
20 servings of Red Velvet Cake.
First Star Birthday Cake
(1 Picture)
20 servings of lemon cake.
Rosemarie's Cake
(5 Pictures)
30 servings of chocolate cake. Sugar paste figurines and roses.
Princess Drum Party Cake
(3 Pictures)
A cake for little princess celebrating her birthday playing drums with friends. 35 servings of strawberry cake.
Farm / Barn Yard Cake
(4 Pictures)
50/50 Red Velvet and Chocolate cake. 65 servings. All edible.
Pink and Brown Baby Shower Cake
(1 Picture)
25 servings of lemon cake. Modeling chocolate bottle, sugar paste bow.
The Littlest Petshop Cake
(2 Pictures)
20 servings of strawberry cake, modeling chocolate figurines.
Pea in a Pod Baby Shower Cake
(2 Pictures)
35 servings of Red Velvet cake.
Tom and Jerry Playing in a Ball Pool Cake
(5 Pictures)
35 servings of vanilla cake with white chocolate filling. Gum balls and modeling chocolate decorations.
Nitya's First Birthday Cake
(4 Pictures)
Eggless chocolate and vanilla cakes. 40 servings.
Dinosaur cake
(1 Picture)
20 servings of Red Velvet cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream.
T'era's 1st Birthday cake
(2 Pictures)
Damask print sides and Teddy Bear topper. 30 servings, Milk chocolate cake with truffle filling.
Nemo Cake
(4 Pictures)
2 tiers of Honey Torte with cashew and crème fresh/whipping cream filling. Covered with fondant, fondant shell and Nemo. Royal icing corals. All decarations are edible! (45 servings)
Winnie-the-Pooh Cake
(5 Pictures)
Italian Cream Cake with Pinapple Cream Cheese Butter Cream. Covered with fondant. Fondant figurines and elements, Rice Paper butterflies. All decorations are edible! (26 servings)
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Children's, Baby and Baby Shower Cakes
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