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Lady Gaga Cake
(18 Pictures)
1st Anniversary Floral Heart Cake
(3 Pictures)
Gym, spinning bicycle cake.
(2 Pictures)
Sleeping beauty cake :)
(3 Pictures)
Easter house cake
(4 Pictures)
Modeling chocolate figurines
Madam Photographer cake
(6 Pictures)
Modeling chocolate figurine and edible images dress trail.
George Clooney Cake
(3 Pictures)
200 servings of chocolate cake with Kahlua and whipped cream. RKT and modeling chocolate life size portrait bust of George Clooney. Marble stone airbrushed fondant cake.
Shopaholic and Baby Cake for Baby Shower
(5 Pictures)
25 servings of chocolate cake. Sugar paste figurines. All edible sugar art.
Chantal's Cake
(9 Pictures)
Lemon Butter Cake with Lemon White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream. Covered with fondant. All decorations are edible! (40 servings)
Memories of Thailand: amethyst necklace jewelry box cake
(5 Pictures)
Lemon golden luxury cake with white chocolate lemon cream cheese buttercream. Covered with lemon-vanilla fondant. Sugar amethysts. All parts are edible! (20 servings)
Old Portable Record Player and Rock-N-Roll Dancers Cake
(12 Pictures)
White Velvet Butter Cake (Vanilla) filled with White Chocolate Truffle. (70 servings) All parts are edible!
Lady Riding a Vespa Scooter Cake
(11 Pictures)
Lady Riding a Vespa Scooter Cake. Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle filling. (24 servings) All parts are edible.
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Personalized Art Cakes
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