This page displays pictures of some cakes I've created and is not intended to be seen as complete menu list or catalog by any means. Each one of my cakes is unique and was individually designed by custom request inside and out.

Please, call at least 1 week before the date you need a cake! It is always better to contact me a few weeks ahead to make sure your date is available. A safety deposit is required to make your reservation and to lock it.

Cakes with standing-up or complex figurines require a minimum of 2-3 weeks notice.



Back to school cupcakes
(2 Pictures)
Hermes Fashion Cupcakes
(2 Pictures)
Art Gallery Cupcakes
(3 Pictures)
Mario and Luigi Cupcakes
(2 Pictures)
Fashion Shoes and Purses Collection Cupcakes
(18 Pictures)
Edible Sugar Shoes and Purses.
The Littlest Petshop Cupcakes
(1 Picture)
Strawberry cupcakes, white chocolate cream cheese buttercream, chocolate medallions with character images on top.
Black and White Cupcake Tower
(3 Pictures)
12 Dulce de Leche cupcakes and 12 Chocolate with white chocolate meringue buttercream cupcakes. Custom made stand.
Baby Fashion Cupcakes for a Baby Shower
(2 Pictures)
LV Louis Vuitton Cupcakes
(3 Pictures)
Vanilla cakes with white chocolate vanilla filling.
Lady Bugs Cupcakes
(2 Pictures)
White Chocolate/French Vanilla Cake with Whipped Cream Topping and Blueberry Filling. All decorations are edible!
Fall Cupcakes
(There are no images)
Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle Filling. All decorations are edible!
Go Diego Cupcakes
(2 Pictures)
Vanilla cakes, vanilla buttercream. Edible image and fondant accents. Edible Disco Dust glitter.
Chocolate Medallion Cupcakes
(4 Pictures)
Lemon Cupcakes with tart Lemon Danish Filling and White Belgian Chocolate Toppers
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