I'm really grateful for every word of feedback I receive from you as it is not only precious for me as a sign of your appreciation, but what is more important, it helps me in my effort to strive towards perfecting my work and service in every possible way.

If you ordered a cake from me, or were one of those who received it, or were present at the event it was served and would like to leave me a note, please, do so in comments area below! I will move it to this list after and add a picture of your cake with a link to its description and additional pictures.

I just wanted to share with you that our cake was a HUGE success !!!......people were blown away by the look and style...... the ribbon was smashing !!!...... they couldn't believe it wasn't real fabric!!!!.......it also tasted as good as it looked .......a big THANK YOU to you !!!! the whole weekend was absolutely fantastic and we ended it on a sweet note by having a piece of cake earlier this evening ........Red heart xoxoxoxo (Monika)

Not having seen the actual cake (or even my new wife Monika's final design) before our wedding day, I was absolutely knocked out when I first saw OUR cake at our wedding dinner at Ristorante Bellagio. Wow! Who knew that bkack and white could be so colourful? (AND taste so good!) Many of our guests would have sworn that the ribbon fondant was an actual ribbon. We made sure there was enough left over for some tastings at home (Yum!) and to send off a few slices to our friends who just couldn't be there. Worth every dollar, Larissa!! Thank you, thank you for your part in our perfect day! (Bob)
Thanks for the beautiful and delicious cake. Our guests were wowed by the presentation and our taste buds were truly tantalized. You were referred to us, and this cake lived up to its high expectation. We're happy to refer you to anyone who wants to make a special celebration even more memorable. Thanks again! (Tanya)

Thank you very much Larissa for the cake! It was looking so realistic that people tought it was a gift box on the gift table! Very talented, thank you! (Carl)

Thank you Larissa for this beautiful art work!!! You definitely contributed to a wonderful & memorable evening!!! Best of luck and success to you!! Emilie Carbone (The B-day girl)

Thanks so much Larissa. the cake was definitively a huge hit. Corey's friends wanted to know when he was going to play his guitar... It was enjoyed by all and we have enough leftovers to keep enjoying. (Brenda)
Amazing cake!!! both looks wise and taste. Terrific job :) I can't wait to order again. Very very satisfied and happy with the end result. Thanx again :D (Konwatsitsawi )
Hi Larissa,
it's been a while since the party, but we wanted to say again how much we have been happy with the fireman cake you created for our son. Sorry about the delay! Tonight we took a piece of the cake that was frozen since the birthday (as you told us, we preciously sealed the extra parts!), and our two sons were so happy to recognize the flames of the fireman cake!
And it was still delicious, really. The arrival of the cake was a big hit of the party, Antoine and the other children were impressed and everybody (small and big ones) wanted to have a piece. Everybody was amazed by the details... and the taste! Some parents that were there took your card, so we hope that could bring you some new orders.
Thanks again for this wonderful cake, you really are an artist, obviously interested in understanding what people are dreaming of, and we have appreciate your sense of the details in every step of the creation. It's been a pleasure for us too doing business with you! (Luc, Anne, Antoine and Emmanuel)
Dear larissa, You're not only an artist you can bake delicious cakes. Thank you for making a beautiful cake. The blooming daisies cake was delicious and moist. The comment the people made was that the fondant didn't feel like you're eating a sugary cement. Once again thank you and looking forward to ordering more delightful goodies. ( Najoua)
Thank you so much!! It was delicious and everyone at the restaurant was staring amazed by how original it is! (Jessica)
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so very much for the wonderful and delicious cake you created for us, in honour of our 3 babies.

We were all left speechless by the attention to detail you gave to preparing this beautiful cake. We proudly showed off the cake to our guests, many of whom requested your contact information!

You are very talented at what you do, and it shows.

Wishing you continued success, and hoping to have the opportunity to savour another one of your creations in the future.
(Pascale, Peggy and Marjorie)
Thank you so much Larissa, the cake was not only Gorgeous but it was DELICIOUS!!! Amazing Job!!! Everyone loved it!! (Eliane)
I am "Princess Kathy"... and I could not believe what a beautiful gift my friend Larissa could give me in this cake. The design was spectacular, so feminine & pretty, and the sparkling pink shoe on top was a piece of artwork - so hard to believe it was all edible! I want to buy a pair of shoes like that to wear now!! I kept this beautiful shoe as a souvenir of a wonderful night. But, also equally as important, was the taste of this cake was just DEVINE... chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!! Everyone at my party loved it (especially this chocolate lover!). THANK YOU LARISSA FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIFT! (Kathy)

Larissa, I did not know you were at the party otherwise I would have come over and introduced myself to you - I wanted to tell you what an awesome job you did. I cannot believe that the shoe on my cousin Kathy's cake was not a real shoe!!!!! Unbelievable. You have such a wonderful talent. Not to mention that chocolate is my favorite cake and it was just delicious. Anyways, you outdid yourself. (Susan)

Dear Larissa, I loved the Princess Kathy cake. I was too beautiful to eat - but I did and it was just declicious. The sparkly shoe on top was so pretty. You really captured "Kathy" with this Princess cake. (Charlene)

Dear Larissa, The "Princess Kathy" cake was delicious. I know my Auntie Kathy loved that cake. Also the cake you made for my Uncle Dave's birthday was tasty. That cake was pretty and fit in with the theme(Sparkles,Pink,Red,Love,etc.)Keep up the good work! (Laila)
Thank you so much for creating this wonderful cake for my brothers 30th Birthday.. The cake was an absolute hit. Everyone was rushing to take pictures and were just in amazment. You made it look so realistic and perfect. Perfection is your way...I couldn't ask for more. It looked and tasted great. You'll deffinitly be seeing me again for more orders to come. ( Charlene)
Larissa, It was an absolute pleasure working with you on this cake! Your vision and talent managed to transform an eclectic and some would say “crazy” mix of seemingly unrelated items into a true work of art. For those reading this blog and post I can truly say that the only thing (besides the look on my wife’s face when she first saw the cake) that outshined the cake design itself was the flavor! Larissa, managed to make the most luscious, moist and velvety chocolate cake ever!!! Thank you once again for putting up with my craziness! (C)

Thank you so much for making my birthday so special! Your work is absolutely fabulous and the more I looked at it, the more details about myself I found. You are truly gifted!! (Vespa lady)

I'm lucky enough to be one of her friends, and I can say that between you and her husband, you've really captured her essence. Truly outstanding! (Vanessa )